Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nature: Winter

Winter must be out of style
Labor Day has been gone awhile.
Long, long after vernal's light,
Boldly wearing flakes of white.
So too the moon should change it glow
To that which disavows the snow.
A tone of ivory or cream
Would do for winter months to gleam.
As well, the white owl, fox and bear
Could do with something else to wear.
Or they should wait until the Spring
When donning white is in again.
But this is not as nature deems.
Then we are in the wrong it seems.
To change our hues as months roll round.
And not match what is on the ground.

Nature: Pruning

I'm thoroughly exhausted,
From head to knees to toes.
Dirt has found its way into
My eyes and mouth and nose.
My hands are red and caloused.
My arms and back still ache.
Leave and twigs adorm my head,
But Oh! The yard looks great!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

to Hold

I lay between my lover's arms
My back against his chest,
Our right hands wrapped are intertwined
His left holds light my breast.

This is my favorite place to be
Than any else on earth.
It gives me peace and confidence;
Consistency . . . rebirth.

But I cannot stay here too long
or I will never sleep.
My mouth will never cease its smile,
My heart ne'er slow its beat.

So I must lay aside for now
'til morrow's moonlight beams,
To hold you close, then go-
to still be near you in my dreams.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

winter friction

Around me all is white in snow
with an icy glow
and springtime knows its time has not yet come.

Brittle branches make and awkward dance in the wind with care
and the trees bow in resistant submission to the icy load they bear.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

title schmitle

Ok, I promise this blog will not be about choosing a title and quippy pic to go with it. :) I know that last title was lame (although clever - Poetry Posies in French) but it was too French and I just want something normal and down to earth. Potluck Poetry seemed too down to earth, but who knows, maybe I'll try that next. :) but seriously, poetry is on its way!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Finality - mostly

Well, I finally decided on a title for my poetry blog. I'm not sure if I'll change it later, but it's a start at least. I wanted "Poetry Pad" but that was already taken, although I could put my name in front of it and that would work, we'll see. I also like my friends' suggestions of "Poetry Potpourri" so that's still an option too. :) Now I have a place to put poetry I've been working on, favorite poems and hopefully, anyone else's work that needs a forum, so all of you out there who want to post a poem here (anonymously or not) just e-mail me! :)

Thanks for reading (and commenting)! :)